Sound Services

     We've been providing quality sound as a business for over 18 years. Our clients experience a level of comfort and reliability that is hard to come by.

      Our systems are modular and can be configured to suit any style, size or creative lay-out for your event. We specialize in the distributed arrays for speeches and for producing what we like to call the "VU" effect. Whereby your guests are immersed in crystal clear sound which seems to emanate from everywhere. This is definitely a crowd pleaser for cocktail hours or where sound volume needs to be kept at low levels while at the same time making sure that each and everyone of your guests, even the ones in the back of the room, can hear all of what is being said or performed.

It has been said in many ways but stated much like the testimony below regarding a recent large scale Bat Mitzvah event held at the Bellevue in November 2006.

The father went to great lengths to hire a well known jazz trio to play his daughter's cocktail hour. The father approached our engineer to ask why a CD was playing instead of the band. To which he was informed that it was the band he had hired playing way over in the cocktail area. The father in utter amazement to the quality of sound seeming to come from everywhere thought that he was listening to a CD. He asked that we turn it down slightly so that his guest would realize that it was a real live act playing.

     So experience the comfort and quality of sound that VU can provide for your event.

Backline Instrument Rental and Set-up

     VU can also supply backline gear for your event. We have a large variety of drums, keyboards, guitar and bass amps, including the miscellaneous things needed such as stands and lights etc... So if you have multi-bands playing your event or just want a hassle-free professional looking stage set-up with top of the line gear e-mail or call us for a quote and treat your guests to a cohesive sound with minimal change-overs and down-time.


      VU offers live remote multi-track digital recording.