AirStar Products

The Crystal

is a self-inflating, air-filled unit that features:

• Three sizes
• Halogen or HMI lamp
• A built-in fan
• Fast and easy tripod setup
• Glare-free lighting over a 360-degree area
• Ability to customize covers with vinyl graphics
• Indoor or outside use

The Gala is a helium-filled lighting balloon ideal for indoor use.

• Available in two sizes
• Easily customized with logos or designs
• Glare-free, uniform lighting
• Perfect for any type of event or promotional use

The Lunix is a helium-filled lighting balloon fitted with an internal halogen lighting system available in three variations: Lunix 200; Lunix 370 and Lunix 500
All units offer:

• Powerful, uniform glare-free lighting
• Ability to light 360 degrees
• Ability to be customized with graphics and patterns
• Be used indoors and outside
• Are perfect for a variety of uses at concerts, parties, promotional and corporate hospitality events, sporting occasions, festivals, exhibitions and more.

Towair, Cone & Arch
The Towair, Cone and Arch are “light shapes” that can be customized for any event, tradeshow or promotional use. They units are:

• Available in a variety of colors
• Come with LED lights
• Self-inflating
• Easy to assemble in five minutes
• Able to provide 360-degree, glare-free light
• Able to be customized with digital printing or translucent vinyl
• Able to be used indoors or outside
• Perfect as decor at events or as promotional tools at trade shows, openings, product launches and more.

Clear Sphere
The Clear Sphere is a transparent balloon featuring a built-in fan and ability to move with a person or object placed inside.

The unit adds an innovative element to any event and can be customized with graphics.

The Aquastar is a floating illuminated balloon which will peacefully move on the water, change colors, and display your message all during your event. The Aquastar can be used on pools or lakes (Golf course for example).

• 10’ diameter
• LED lights for color changing options
• Lights can be programmed to match the clients’ “brand”/logo
• Powered by 12V battery
• All self contained
• Graphics and Logos temporarily applied option